Its Time MSA Respects its K9 Handlers


      Anthony Bilboa, President

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Seamus Fennessy NYC Executive Board Member 

Anthony Bilboa President & MSA K9 Handler NYC Since 2008

Seamus Fennessy Executive Board Member & K9 Handler NYC

Kevin Crowley Executive Board Member & MSA K9 Handler Boston Since 2006

Kevin Crowley Boston Executive Board Member 


National Police Week occurs every May, and in 2022 we will be commemorating it with live, in-person events. National Police Week will be observed from May 11–17. The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum will hold ceremonies, including the 34th Annual Candlelight Vigil, to honor the fallen officers whose names have recently been added to the Memorial.

The 34th Annual Candlelight Vigil will be held on Friday, May 13.

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15 falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.

National Police Week is a collaborative effort of many organizations dedicated to honoring America’s law enforcement community.

Retiring NYC MSA K9 Handler Richard Verde ADMITS MARITAS is NOT A Monster " I'm now thinking that a lot of people have the wrong impression of him. He's not the monster they made him out to be"

- Richard Verde Text Message to Anthony Bilboa

It’s CHRISTMAS in MAY For West Coast MSA Handler Randall Vincent from NorCal California as well as Hundreds of other MSA K9 Handlers from around the country who just received their $2,984.29 TAX FREE Settlement Stipend Check Negotiated by Our International UNION!


MSA Northern California Handler Randell Vincent (r)

For those who don't know Randall Vincent he is a MSA K9 handler from Northern California who  SECRETLY contacted MSA CEO Glen Kucera by email claiming he was running the UFK9H Union back on 4/20/21 on behalf of the "working group" without the MSA K9 Handlers and/or "working groups" knowledge . Randall Vincent has now become the Face, Promoter & Spokesperson for the SECURITY GUARD UNION out of Roseville, Michigan.

Vincent also continues to post many FALSE negative comments & Facebook posts denouncing our Union, MSA K9 Handlers Union, the United Federation LEOS-PBA & its leadership whenever the opportunity arises without any supporting information or supporting documents.


With all that said, Randall Vincent had NO PROBLEM contacting our International Union by email  BEGGING for his $2,984.28 "Skitch" (his term) (To hitch a ride by holding on to a motor vehicle while riding on a skateboard or roller skates) Settlement Check which he falsely claimed he had been told that his check was going to be withheld for an unknown reason, when in fact it was actually being mailed out to him along with a number of other checks to MSA K9 Handlers from around the country.

It is also very disturbing that Randall Vincent who continues to be the FACE, promoter and spokesperson for the Security Guard Union out of Roseville, Michigan has gone as far as personally accusing MSA K9 Handlers Union President Anthony Bilboa of "TAKING KICKBACKS".

This outrageous statement by Randell Vincent is CLEARLY Unsupportable Defamation Per Se 

as noted by one of our Union law firms, Nunley Wheelock, P.C. below!

There is no question Randall Vincent continues to praise the Security Guard Union out of Roseville, Michigan & even claims in a recent Facebook Post;


"With only days before elections in most regions now is NOT the time to be having discussion on Chat groups or Message board about weather Security Guard Union is good or bad".


"Many of the Handlers who have been working on this for the past three years know what they are doing and have vetted this Security Guard Union thoroughly" 


despite the fact they have


  • High Dues 2.5 X your hourly rate per month

  • They Charge Initiation fees

  • They DON'T Allow YOU the RIGHT to Ratify your CBA as noted under their Constitution & Bylaws below.

  • Has negotiated away guaranteed overtime rights under California State law on behalf of the Paragon security officers working @ Jet Propulsion Laboratory as well as other California units.

  • Provides NO attorney for grievances.

  • Provides NO attorney for Negotiations. 

  • Is known to have Illegally Taken Dues from its own members. 

  • Has Lost THOUSANDS of members over the last few years to our International Union, our affiliated Unions, Decertifications, and to other Unions around the country. As well as security guards who flat out REJECTED them!


Check out the Election Losses by the SECURITY GUARD UNION Below. THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE!

Vincent also noted on his Facebook comment There is absolutely no comparison that can be made between the two unions. He is RIGHT there!


So the Question is WHY does Vincent continue to promote this Security Guard Union?

Randall Vincent also tries to deflect a Facebook post from Zac Branson about the Security Guard Union International Union who was caught illegally seizing union dues from dozens of Las Vegas security guards. 


Vincent claimed "in the Case sited above the judgement was against the Local and not as an International Union". Which was NOT the case. 


Regardless, their locals are an extension of the International!

In another case the Security Guard Union from Roseville, Michigan was accused once again of Refusing to Relinquish Union Dues.

Security Guard Union from Roseville, Michigan Accused of Refusing to Relinquish Union Dues

Security-Guard-Union Refusing to Relinguish Dues.png

So the question that comes to mind is whether or not Randall Vincent has a Hidden Agenda?

Below is a SECRET Email Randall Vincent sent to MSA CEO Glen Kucera Claiming he was NOW Running the United Federation of K9 Handlers back on 4/20/2021 Requesting MSA to Bargain with Him! 

The irony of the email was that the President of the United Federation of K9 Handlers did NOT resign nor was Vincent authorized to act in the UFK9H Unions behalf. To make matters even worse, NOBODY from the so called "Working Group" or any MSA Handler Knew Randall Vincent sent a SECRET Email to MSA CEO Glen Kucera which was undermining negotiations! 

The Question now becomes WHO DO YOU TRUST to lead the charge to represent YOU & MSA K9 Handlers in your Region & Nationwide?


Randall Vincent from Northern California who SECRETLY went behind every MSA K9  Handlers back trying to make a SECRET BACKROOM DEAL with MSA CEO Glen Kucera and who is NOT seeking a seat on the Board of Director "UNLESS I AM ASKED or NOMINATED to run for a POSITION" as noted below or


Meet MSA K9 Handlers Union President Anthony Bilboa who has been a NYC MSA K9 Handler Since 2008 and has the Integrity & Respect of not only the NYC MSA Handlers but MSA Handlers Nationwide


      Anthony Bilboa, President


Kevin Crowley MSA K9 Handler Boston since 2006 Executive Board Member 


Many of you might ask how and why I became the President of the MSA K9 Handlers Union?


Well the simple truth is when everyone started talking about this Union out of Michigan, I decided to do my own research on this organization and I, as well as several other MSA K9 handlers from NYC & Boston did NOT like what we saw and learned about this union.


We then decided to contact the United Federation LEOS-PBA for help. The United Federation LEOS-PBA welcomed us with open arms and advised us on the steps we needed to take to form our own MSA K9 Handlers Union as an alternative Union to the Security Guard Union out of Roseville, Michigan.


With that said, we set up a Zoom meeting and elected an Executive Board, who then nominated me as President. It should also be noted that while several of us attended this Zoom meeting only myself, Seamus Fennessy, & Kevin Crowley, a long time MSA K9 Handler out of Boston (start date 2006), decided to be the face of this new alternative MSA K9 Handlers Union. 

Having been MSA K9 Handlers for years, the MSA K9 Handlers Union  understands the day to day operations on what it is like to be a MSA K9 Handler based on the fact we have skin in this game!


With the help of the United Federation LEOS-PBA and their highly skilled attorneys, who were just successful in negotiating the settlement agreement with MSA & Allied Universal over our reduced stipends, we are now in the strongest position ever to negotiate the best possible contract for all MSA Handlers Nationwide!


The United Federation LEOS-PBA & its legal team has the Experience, the Resources, and the Knowledge to get the job done for you, your K-9 partners, and our families.



Screenshot 2022-03-29 112333.png

Once We WIN all 5 MSA Regional NLRB Elections Jon Axelrod, from the law firm BEINS, AXELROD & KEATING, P.C. will be leading the MSA negotiations.

The Firm’s core work for almost 40 years has been representing labor organizations in every facet of labor-management relations and internal union administration. We handle state and federal court litigation, NLRB proceedings, and grievance and interest arbitrations. Combined, our attorneys have handled well over 1,000 arbitrations. We have testified before legislative bodies on behalf of our union clients. We assist our union clients with collective bargaining negotiations. 


Jon is a founding shareholder and the senior partner of Beins, Axelrod & Keating, P.C.


            After three years in the Appellate Court Branch of the National Labor Relations Board litigating in the United States Courts of Appeals, Jon became Assistant General Counsel of the Eastern Conference of Teamsters.  In that capacity he represented local unions in litigations and negotiations with employers prior to founding, with Hugh Beins, what has become Beins, Axelrod & Keating, P.C.


            Jon has practiced traditional labor law since 1974, including arguing before the Supreme Court of the United States (Plumbers. v. Plumbers Local 334, 452 U.S.615 (1981)).  He has litigated in numerous federal and state judicial and administrative proceedings, has represented unions in several hundred arbitrations, served as principal union negotiator in collective bargaining sessions, and provided advice in numerous others.


            As the author of many published articles and presented papers, Jon’s major publication is the “Duty of Fair Representation” a chapter in LABOR UNION LAW AND REGULATION, a treatise published by the American Bar Association’s Section of Labor and Employment Law.


            As either single or co-counsel to Taft-Hartley plans, Jon has drafted plan documents and represented funds for nearly thirty years.  He has litigated against employers in collection and withdrawal liability cases and has defended funds in benefit claim cases.  He has represented Union- appointed Trustees in trustee deadlock cases.

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Election Dates for MSA Regions

NYC Region - Return Date May 13th - however since the Ballot Count has NOT been confirmed - Possibly Tuesday May 17th you still have time to send in your ballots as noted below.


All ballots will be commingled and counted by personnel from the Region 29 office on a date, at a place and
in a manner to be determined by the Regional Director. In order to be valid and counted, the returned ballots    must be received in the Region 29 Office prior to the counting of the ballots.

Boston Region - Vote Count Thursday May 19th - 1:00 PM


Southeast Region  - Vote Count Thursday May 26th - 2:00 PM


West Coast Region - Vote Count Monday May 23th - 2:00 PM


Midwest Region Vote Count Friday May 20th - 10:00 AM

MSA NYC Notice of Election

Northeast Region Boston Notice of Election

Southwest Region Notice of Election

West Coast Region Notice of Election

Midwest Region Notice of Election

Welcome Home Mattie Mission Accomplished!

Mattie & Seamus Fennessy Reunited!
k9 mattie - msa-security.png

19 March 2022, FENNESSY FAMILY STATEMENT: We are thrilled to announce that K9 Mattie will be spending her retirement with us, Mattie recently retired from her work with MSA Security as an explosive detection canine. After years of outstanding service, Mattie is ready to enjoy some quality family time at home with the Fennessys. We thank MSA Security for allowing us to reunite with Mattie and we look forward to many years together.

And if you wish to contact us about anything, we do our best to answer each one of you individually and as promptly as possible through our email address:

Thank you all for your support, and God bless xoxo

Congressman, state senator join fight to have security dog returned to Old Bridge military family

Old Bridge veteran's family fears security K-9 to be taken away


Seamus Fennessy is not only a former fellow MSA K9 Handler from New York, now working as a K9 Handler for a different company at JFK Airport, he is also a honored military man and friend, and an active Executive Board member of the MSA K9 Handlers Union, United Federation LEOS-PBA.


The Suffolk County Police Department posted this picture of some of the first K9 teams. Everyone seems to be at attention except that last dupo who are clearly distracted. The bond between human and canine officers are strong. K9 units in Suffolk County play an important role in policing, including preventing terrorism

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